Accounts Payable


Airline Tickets and Car Rental on the BTA/CRBTA

For all reservations booked through Concur/CalTravelStore The California State University, Chico BTA/CRBTA will be used and charges will be billed to the State chartfield which you provide on the Travel Request Approval form on file at Accounts Payable. You will also be required to provide the chartfield when booking travel.

Service Fees: CalTravelStore charges a service fee for each trip and assesses the fee separately from travel charges.

Flat fee for booking any combination of domestic or international air, rail, car, and hotel: Online, $7; Agent assisted, $12.

Hotel and/or car only reservation: Online, $5; Agent assisted, $12.

After business-hours Agent assistance: $16.

Please note: Hotel reservations are available at CalTravelStore but only airfare and car rental can be charged to a State chartfield. Hotel reservations require a personal credit card or U.S. Bank Travel Credit Card number.

Contact CalTravelStore

Phone: (877) 454-8785. Hours are M-F, 8am-5pm. CalTravelStore is located at 855 Howe Ave, Ste. 5, Sacramento, CA 95825.

Online: Concur is the booking tool for CalTravelStore. For registration, see below. To login, access Click on Concur. Your user name is usually your work email address. You can reset your password from here if need be. If you are still having trouble, call Accounts Payable or the CalTravelStore.

Registration for Concur/CalTravelStore Online

Registration Code: Only CSU, Chico employees should register with Concur/CalTravelStore. Contact Accounts Payable for the “registration code”. This number is for employees only; please treat this code as confidential.

Access the website at (for registration only). Remember your User Name (usually your work email address) and Password.

Personal Information and Airport Security: Please make certain that the first, middle and last name and birthdate entered are identical to those on the photo identification that you will be presenting at the airport. Due to increased airport security, you may be turned away at the gate if the information on your ticket does not match the information on your identification documents.

Trouble registering? You may already be registered. Attempt to login. See Contact CalTravelStore: Online, above.

Name changes and changes to other personal information: Contact Accounts Payable via email to request changes.


Travelers can activate e-receipt functions that allow participating vendors to send electronic receipts to your account. These can help you keep track of your trip transactions. Login to Concur and click on the Profile tab; select Other Settings > E-Receipt Activation. For trips that are booked with participating vendors, a receipt will be automatically sent to your Concur account and saved in your Trip Library. If you are missing an original receipt upon your return, these can be used to submit along with your travel claim to substantiate your trip expenses.

Adding Assistants/Arrangers 

Travelers may have another employee book travel for them by designating an "Assistant/Arranger". (Assistant/Arrangers must already be registered users at Concur/CalTravelStore.)  

The traveler would login and click on the Profile tab; under the left-hand menu "Travel Settings", click on "Assistants/Arrangers", and then click on "+Add an Assistant" (on the right). Begin typing the name of your assistant and a list of registered users will appear from which you can choose. You may have more than one Assistant/Arranger.

Booking Travel for Another Employee

Once a traveler has added you as Assistant/Arranger, you login to Concur/CalTravelStore using your own User Name and Password. You will see a drop-down menu at the top right: “You are administering travel for”. Choose your traveler.

Booking Travel for Non Employees ("Guest Travelers")

A campus employee may assist a student, interviewee or University guest with travel planning; however, the non-employee is responsible for booking their own reservations.  Their expenses are submitted for reimbursement based on agreement with the host department and subject to campus travel procedures.