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Concur Travel & Expense (CTE)

Implementation of Concur Travel and Expense (CTE) was a collaborative effort between six CSU campuses and the Chancellor’s Office. The cohort leveraged resources to implement an online workflow that supports business travel in accordance with CSU Travel Procedures.

CTE includes request, travel, and expense modules – so travelers get a complete paperless workflow that spans the lifecycle of a travel transaction. CTE helps guide travelers to make in-policy travel decisions, gain access to negotiated contract rates, and offers an overall improved travel process. We look forward to working with you in this platform!

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2024 CSU Travel Procedures Update Highlights

The CSU Travel Procedures have been updated with changes that are effective Jan 1, 2024. The highlighted changes are:
  • Domestic meals have changed to a location based per diem (travel prior to 1/1/24 will use the legacy travel policy)
  • Employee Travel
    • Per diem is calculated based on the destination of your lodging.
    • The move to a location based per diem eliminates the need for meal receipts, complies with Federal guidelines, and avoids tax implications for the campus and travelers.
    • Travelers will receive 75% of the rate on the first and last day of travel.
  • Non-Employee (student/interviewee) Travel
    • Actuals up to a daily limit of $59.
  • Lodging ceiling remains up to $275 a night (excluding taxes and fees)
  • Itemized receipts are required for all actual meal costs incurred with non-employee/group travel (i.e. team/group meals)
  • Itemized receipt requirements are still required for expenses greater than $55 (excluding meal amounts tied to destination per diems)

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  • Concur Basics & CSU Learn Trainings

    Learn general information about the Concur Travel and Expense platform. For content specific questions, see information in specific sections below or refer to the FAQ section.

    CSU Learn Trainings

    Concur (CTE) General Overview(opens in new window) (Self-paced instruction)
    General travel and Concur self-paced overview for new Concur Travel & Expense (CTE) users. Course highlights travel lifecycle and general flow of activity through the CTE platform.

    Concur (CTE) User Lab/Ask an Expert(opens in new window) (Zoom, virtual meeting)
    Hands-on assistance in Concur Travel & Expense (CTE) with preparing travel requests, booking travel, preparing expense reports, or the approval process in CTE platform.

    Concur Micro Learning


  • Complete User Profile, Assign Travel Arranger & Delegate (Assistant)

    Prior to using Concur Travel and Expense you must complete your user profile. You can also assign delegates/arrangers who can assist with initiating travel requests, booking travel reservations and compiling expense reports.

    Reference Guide

    Profile Setup (PDF)


    Profile Setup
    E-Receipt Activation
  • Create a Travel Request

    The request module is used to enter trip related details, estimate costs, communicate time away from campus, and document required pre-approval.

    Reference Guide

    Create a Travel Request (PDF)


    Acting as a Delegate or Travel Arranger
    Creating a Blanket Travel Request for Mileage
    Travel Request for Unfunded/Liability Only Trip
  • Book Travel

    Concur can be used to make air, hotel, rail, and rental car reservations for campus travel. Travel arrangements made through CTE are managed by our CSU Travel Management Company (TMC), Christopherson Business Travel (CBT).

    Things to consider while traveling:

    Itemized receipts and proof of payment is required for all expenses >$55
    CBT can be contacted to assist with reservation changes/cancellations, as needed, while in travel status.

    800-285-3603 (5 a.m. to 6 p.m., PST) or
    800-960-7862 (emergency after hours, use CIT code - P6LV)

    Enterprise reservations should be made within CTE. However, should travel plans change or there is a need to make a last minute reservation these can be done at the counter (in person) or online at You must have necessary contract codes to access campus rates and liability coverage. If you do not use the campus Enterprise contract then you should consider purchase of additional coverage, however, reimbursement is not guaranteed if not justified as to why the contract with appropriate coverage was not used. Contact the Accounts Payable Office for contract codes at x6426.

    Reference Guide

    Booking Travel Reservations in Concur (PDF)


    Booking a Car
    Booking a Flight
    Booking a Hotel
  • Create an Expense Report

    The expense module is where a user can access their receipt library, travel credit card expenses that feed to their profile (as applicable), and expense reports in progress or previously completed to claim and record costs associated with an approved trip.

    Reference Guide

    Creating an Expense Report (PDF)


    Adding a Receipt
    Adding a Campus Credit Card Expense to an Expense Report
    Itemizing a Hotel Expense
    Creating Expense Report from Travel Request for Blanket Mileage
    Creating an Expense Report from an International Travel Request
  • Approving a Travel Request or Expense Report

    Approvers are automatically designated in the Concur workflow. They will receive notifications as submissions are added to their queue for review. The following resources will highlight some considerations and tips for users performing in this role.

    Reference Guide

    Approving Travel Requests & Expense Reports (PDF)


    Tips for Approving Travel Request
    Tips for Approving Expense Report
    Delegating an Approver During Absence
    Acting as an Approver Delegate
  • Travel Credit Card

    Campus travel credit cards are issued to eligible employee travelers, upon department approval. The credit card can be used for all travel elements and the charges automatically feed into a cardholders CTE profile, to later be attached to a related trip expense report. Attaching to an expense report is how the card activity is reconciled.

    Reference Guide

    Travel Credit Card Basics (PDF)


    Credit Card Activity & Profile Connection
  • Mobile Applications

    The CTE implementation included two mobile applications that can be used by employees.

    Concur app - can be used to capture receipts, classify expenses, and build expense reports using a smartphone or mobile device.

    TripIt app - can be used to manage itineraries with functionality that provides change alerts, neighborhood ratings for hotel locations, and overall itinerary management.

    Reference Guide

    Connections to Mobile Applications (PDF)


    Setting Up Concur Mobile App


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  • What should I do the first time I log into Concur?

    Review your profile for completeness and accuracy.

  • What if I book outside of Concur Travel & Expense? How do I get reimbursed?

    An expense report can be initiated from an approved request and submitted to obtain reimbursement. However, by not booking through Concur you will lose some of the efficiencies and negotiated rates that the system provides.

  • Will someone else be able to create my request and expense reports for me?

    Yes. A delegate can create requests and expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports but the traveler is required to submit the request or expense report. The submission process fulfills the signature step.

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