Accounts Payable

Signature Authority for Travel

In 2013, campus procedures were initiated to be in compliance with CSU directives on travel authority and budgetary constraints. Please see the current President's Memorandum of Delegation of Authority (PDF), effective March 15, 2017, that designates signature authority for travel forms.

Based on the President’s Memorandum of Delegation of Authority the following documents were generated, in collaboration with each division, as a reference for designated signature authority for travel forms (Travel Request Approval, Travel Expense Claim and/or Pre-Travel Direct Pay or Reimbursement Request).

Note: Regardless of delegated authority, a traveler cannot approve his or her own travel documents. In practice, travel documents are approved by the traveler's supervisor or a higher authority. The documents above represent minimum signature requirements for processing purposes.

Please contact Accounts Payable for any questions or updates that might be necessary due to position/employee changes.