Accounts Payable


The CSU, Chico Accounts Payable Office handles all travel elements, from the request approval to the distribution of reimbursements. Below you will find resources to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact our office.
Please note, the information and resources on this page are in support of STATESIDE travel only. If you are traveling on behalf of a Sponsored Program, Chico State Enterprises, or the Associated Students, please contact their offices directly. Their travel policies and procedures are unique to their organizations.

Considerations while traveling during COVID-19

As the opportunity for travel re-opened with the expiration of the CSU travel restrictions in June 2021, departments may begin to engage in the travel process. For overnight trips the following considerations should occur:


  • Does a department need to confirm travelers have verification of negative test before and after travel?
    Departments are not required to verify test results.
  • What does a traveler do if they test positive before or after their travel?  
    Call the COVID Hotline at 530-898-2222
  • Does the guidance above apply to all travel?  
    These recommendations apply to travel outside of Butte County.
  • Where can I get tested?  
    Please see the COVID-19 News & Information(opens in new window) page for current testing locations.


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