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Final Examination Information

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Final examination information will be available in Student and Faculty Centers via the Chico Portal after Census each semester, typically around the midpoint of the term.

Final Examination Schedule

Fall 2023 Finals Week: December 11-15, 2023

Spring 2024 Finals Week: May 13-17, 2024

 Basic Final Exam Information

  • Most courses meet in their normal room at a standard final exam time (PDF), based on their regular class meeting.
    Some courses meet during a common final time, as determined by the department.
    • Check with your instructor to find out if your class is using a common final meeting time.
  • Friday (4-5:50 p.m.) is for make-up exams or resolving conflicts in final exam schedules.
    • Scheduling to accommodate conflicts is at the instructor's discretion.
  • For online and TBA final exam schedules, please check with your instructor.

Per Executive Memorandum 17-004 all courses are required to meet for one two-hour period during finals week for instruction or examination.

If you have questions:

  • Students: Contact your instructor
  • Instructors: Contact your department office
  • Department offices: Contact Academic Publications & Scheduling Services,

Faculty Requests for Final Exam Day, Time, or Location Changes

The Final Exam Schedule has been developed over the years to accommodate most standard class time configurations, providing a 2-hour final exam period as close to the original class schedule day and time as possible barring conflicts.

The final exam schedule is created based on the regular class meeting pattern and designed to minimize conflicts during final exam week. When circumstances require it, a faculty member may request a change to the currently scheduled day/time to another standard day/time in the Final Exam Matrix (PDF).

All final exam schedule changes must meet the following criteria:

  • There are no conflicts for any student. If a conflict does arise, specific and convenient accommodations must be made for the student.
  • The change must be approved by the College Dean.
  • The change must be coordinated by the department Administrative Support Coordinator (ASC) and Academic Publications and Scheduling Services (APSS).

Please note: Not all final exam schedule or room change requests can be accommodated.

Changes to LOCATION, DAY and/or TIME

  1. Dean approval is required.
  2. Faculty should submit the fully executed Dean's Approval to Change (PDF) request form to their Chair and ASC.
  3. The department ASC forwards the form to the Dean, copying the faculty member and the Chair, indicating the preferred available room from Astra search results.
  4. The Dean should forward the form to APSS (, copying all parties and acknowledging approval of the request to change.

Please remember:

    1. For ROOM changes made close to finals week, the instructor should notify all students in writing about the location change.
    2. All final exam day and/or time changes must be communicated in writing to all students enrolled.
    3. If a conflict does arise for any student enrolled due to the exam change, the student(s) will be accommodated with an alternate final exam day/time.


An exception to EM 17-004 includes any class not holding a final exam during finals week. Examples: No final, Final scheduled outside of final exam week, Culminating experience, and others at Dean's discretion.

  1. Dean approval is required.
  2. Faculty should submit the fully executed Dean's Approval for Exception (PDF) request form to their Chair and ASC.
  3. A substantial justification should be included in the space provided on the form.
  4. The department ASC forwards the form to the Dean, copying the faculty member and the Chair and CLEARLY INDICATING THE ACTION TO BE TAKEN.
  5. The Dean should forward the form to APSS (, copying all parties and acknowledging approval of the exception.

Please remember:

  1. A clear justification should be included. This becomes part of the permanent record of the course.
  2. Recurring exceptions affect ALL sections of a class, EVERY semester and for EVERY instructor.

**Final Exams Info on the Chico Portal.

Finals week examination information regarding meeting days, times, and locations can be found in the Student and Faculty Centers well after Census each semester. The screen shots below indicate what students and faculty will see in their individual Student or Faculty Center. Academic department staff may view final examination information by accessing their secured PeopleSoft account.

Student view:

Click on "My Schedule" in your Student Center and then the "exam schedule" tab to get to the screen indicated in Figure 1, below.

Figure 1

Screenshot of My Schedule in Student Dashboard

Select the current term from the drop-down menu and select the Class Exams tab, indicated by Figure 2, below.

Figure 2

Screenshot of class exams tab in Student Center

All final exams will display, indicated by Figure 3, below.

Figure 3

Screenshot of student exams

Faculty view:

In your Faculty Center, you will see "My Exam Schedule," which appears below "My Teaching Schedule," as shown in Figure 4, below. 

Figure 4 

Screenshot of Faculty Exam Schedule in Faculty Center

Academic Department Staff view from PeopleSoft:

Begin with "Maintain Schedule of Classes," indicated by Figure 5, below. 

Figure 5

Screenshot of staff view in PeopleSoft

Enter the correct term, indicated by Figure 6, below. 

Figure 6

Screenshot of Maintain Schedule

Click on the Exam tab and the Final Exam schedule will display, indicated by Figure 7, below.

Figure 7

Screenshot of Exam Tab