Academic Publications & Scheduling Services

Room Request Application

Room request application form

  1.  Term auto-populates to the most current and active term; for historical information, choose the term to view.

  2.  Choose the department to request rooms for. The APSS Room Request application will display data from Peoplesoft for all active classes for the term and dept chosen.

  3.  Click on the red button "Add Room Request" below the class, enter comments and then click on the "save" button to add a room request.

  4.  Only classes with a Day and Time, and NO room, will have an active "Add Room Request" button.

  5.  Requests are limited by capacity; only classes with an enrollment cap of 50+ will have an active "Add Room Request" button; during Round II (Roomless request period), only classes with less than 50 cap will have the button.

  6.  Click on the "delete" button to remove any room request. (Must do this BEFORE the room request due date. If you need to cancel a room request after the due date email APSS.)

  7.  Click on the Excel icon next to the Dept drop down menu to download all room requests for that dept and term. This will give the dept an exact copy of what APSS will see when we download the room requests.

Important Information

The APSS Room Request Web application is ONLY used during scheduling building, and ONLY used for the two "bulk" submission of Jumbo and Roomless room requests.  ALL other academic room requests must be submitted to APSS via the Academic Room Request Workflow process (guide in Box).

The APSS Room Request application is updated from Peoplesoft data each night. All pertinent room request data (meeting pattern, enrollment maximum) must be entered in Peoplesoft at least one day before a room request can be made using the APSS Room Request Web application.

You can NOT enter a room request for a class that does not have a meeting pattern, or class with a "TBA" meeting pattern.

For combined classes ONLY SUBMIT ONE ROOM REQUEST. The application shows "C" for combined sections, but lists the individual enrollment capacity for the course as shown on the Enrollment Cntrl tab in Maintain. However, the COMBINED SECTION ENROLLMENT CAPACITY is what drives the activation of the "Add Room Request" button. Indicate in the notes area that it is a COMBINED CLASS, and give the total enrollment expected for all classes in the combination.

After the Roomless request due date, DO NOT use the APSS Room Request web application to submit new requests for lecture rooms. After the roomless request due date APSS will NOT be looking at the room request web application for any new room requests.

There is no need to duplicate Peoplesoft information in the room request notes area. 

Please DO use the room request notes field to indicate what type of room features are desired for the class. (e.g. med:reg (smr), movable desks, tiered seating, etc.)

Indicating a specific room, or the room used in the last like term, in the notes field is very helpful—but it is also very important to know what feature(s) in that room are desired.

If you are requesting a room during primetime (primarily TR 9am-330pm) you should include at least one alternative NON-primetime meeting pattern in the notes field.