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Changing the Meeting Pattern for a Class

How to request approval for a change of meeting pattern for a class

Once registration has started changes to class meeting patterns must have the Dean’s approval.  The dean’s approval is required for any active class, whether it has enrollment or not.  These are the steps to request the Dean’s approval:

  1. The Dept ASC completes the Approval to Change the Meeting Pattern form (PDF), including the Dean's information at the bottom. The form MUST indicate how students will be accommodated, should this change pose a hardship.
  2. The Department ASC then forwards the form to the Dean, copying APSS, and requests the Dean "reply to all" with language approving the request.
  3. If the form is completed fully, there is no need for printing/signing/scanning/forwarding of the form.  This process is intended to be entirely digital and email-based, but the form is required.
  4. APSS retains the approval form in our record system as part of the class history.

The process for this form is entirely digital. Please DO NOT print paper copies of this form and do not send paper copies of this form to APSS.