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Non-Standard Meeting Patterns

How to request approval for a non-standard meeting pattern

The Standard Scheduling Convention (PDF) is designed to create a class schedule that will allow students the best opportunity to have as many classes as possible without conflict.  It also provides for the most optimal use of campus rooms and allows us to easily "swap" rooms for classes as needed for enrollment and other needs.  The use of non-standard times reduces the number of classes that a student can take and therefore delays their progress to degree.  It also impacts campus room utilization by reducing the number of classes that can be offered in a room during the day and/or week. 

If the department feels there is a need to schedule a class for a non-standard meeting pattern that overrides the impact on student schedules and room utilization they must receive the dean’s approval to do so.  These are the steps to request the dean’s approval:

  1. The Department ASC completes the Approval for Non-Standard Meeting Pattern form (PDF), selecting either Temporary (one semester) or Permanent (with additional justification indicated on the form).
  2. The Department ASC then forwards the form to the Dean, copying APSS, and requests the Dean "reply to all" with language approving the request.
  3. If the form is completed fully, there is no need for printing/signing/scanning/forwarding of the form.  This process is intended to be entirely digital and email-based, but the form is required.
  4. APSS scans the approval form into our record system as part of the course history.

Use Adobe Acrobat to open and fill out this form.

The process for this form is entirely digital.  Please DO NOT print paper copies of this form and do not send paper copies of this form to APSS.