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Accessibility Resource Center

Rachael Hendry

Hi, I’m Rachael! After struggling throughout my K-12 education and the beginning of my community college education, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When I transferred to Chico State, I requested an academic coach through the ARC. The experience I had while working with my coach made all the difference for me. She taught me the study and organizational skills that I needed to be successful and build my confidence. I became a coach myself because I wanted to do the same for others. I love working with each unique student, to help them overcome obstacles and reach their potential.

Currently, I am in my concentration year of the Masters in Social Work program. For fun, I love to be in nature - hiking, kayaking, sitting by the water, camping, etc. I also love traveling and have been to several countries, including studying abroad in Ghana! To relax, I like to curl up with a good book or favorite TV show.

Racheal Hendry outside