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Ulysess Garcia-Rueda (He/Him)

Hello! My name is Ulysess Garcia-Rueda, but most people call me Uly! It is my senior year here at Chico State as a Communication Sciences and Disorders Major. I am hoping to stay in Chico for my master's in Speech-Language Pathology as well. I am a first-generation Latino college student born and raised in Chico as well. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, and golf. I also go fishing, hiking, and camping as well. I believe Academic Coaching is a critical tool for any student to succeed beyond their expectations and something necessary for all. As a student, putting my best foot forward in the classroom was always a challenge, but when guided on the right pathway, one can push beyond the limits they believed held them back. What I’m looking forward to most is being there to support any student towards their goals and aspirations as a student and a person. My career as a student has given me the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of the road ahead of many of my fellow undergraduate peers. In turn, I await the opportunity to be there for one of you reading this, so you may shatter your expectations and goals!

ulysess garcia-rueda holding a fish on a fishing boat