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Accessibility Resource Center

Attendance Flexibility

The Accessibility Resource Center does not have a role in determining course attendance policies. Because attendance may be integral to the pedagogic process, these policies are set by faculty at the college, departmental, or individual level.

In some cases, attendance is fundamental to course objectives; for example, students may be required to interact with others in the class, to demonstrate the ability to think and argue critically, or to participate in group projects. In other instances, faculty may determine that students can master course content despite some or many absences. Rarely, faculty may decide that students do not need to attend classes at all.

Similarly, faculty also determine policies regarding make-up work and missed quizzes and exams. Faculty are not required to lower or effect substantial modifications of standards for accommodation purposes.

ARC can provide students with written verification of their disabilities, based on appropriate medical and/or psychological documentation. These verification forms may be distributed by students to faculty in order to initiate discussions of attendance and make-up policies and procedures. ARC advisors may also e-mail faculty on students' behalf if a particular absence is as a result of a disability.