Accessibility Resource Center

Audio Recording Lectures

Audio recording of lectures is one of the accommodations specifically identified in Section 504, Subpart E, Post-secondary Education, of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as a means of ensuring full participation in educational programs or activities for students with disabilities.

Please note: This accommodation must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor and will depend on the symptoms and severity of the student's disability and requirements of the course.

Request Process

  1. Requests may be submitted using ARC Go! when customizing accommodations.
  2. Students must submit a new request by customizing their accommodations for each class every semester.


  • Students generally utilize in new window) to audio record lectures, which is a free web-based and smartphone-based software. Students will use unless otherwise instructed by their Accessibility Advisor or the Accessible Content Specialist. 
  • Students are required to complete a “Recording Lecture Notes and Transcribing Services Agreement” each semester before authorized to audio record.
  • Students are required to submit a faculty notification letter via ARC Go! (by customizing their accommodations) before the first class to notify the instructor that they are approved by ARC to audio record lectures as a disability-related accommodation. Students should discuss with instructors any concerns about recording lectures. Instructors may feel it is inappropriate to record certain class discussions. Students are approved to record lectures, but not necessarily discussions in which other students may reveal personal information or self-disclosure. If necessary, students or their instructor may ask an Accessibility Advisor to help make this distinction.
  • Students are required to use the recordings solely in pursuit of an educational program, not for any commercial or non-educational purpose.
  • Students must agree not to share recordings with other students or anyone else.
  • Students must erase recordings at the conclusion of the course (within 14 days after issuance of a grade) unless the student obtains written authorization from the instructor to retain recordings beyond this period.

Violation of these guidelines will be considered a violation of academic integrity and a violation of the CSU, Chico Code of Conduct.