Accessibility Resource Center

Elevator Access

Elevators on the Chico State campus are accessible to faculty, staff, students, and visitors. 

Langdon Hall requires ID Card access to the elevator after 9 p.m. daily.***

***Please note: This student accommodation must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor in ARC and will depend on the student's disability.

Request Process for Students

  1. Students will request Langdon Hall Elevator Access from their Accessibility Advisor.
  2. Eligible students must have a physical Student ID card and provide ARC with their Student ID number for Langdon Hall elevator access. Access will be granted on a per semester basis, unless otherwise arranged with their Accessibility Advisor.


  • Access cards are not to be shared with friends, classmates, family, etc. Access is intended solely for the student eligible for the accommodation.

Campus visitors who need access to a locked elevator must contact the persons organizing the event to request access.