Accessibility Resource Center

On-Campus Transport (The Cart)

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) provides on-campus shuttle service for persons who are physically unable to walk to campus locations. All ride requests are subject to availability of carts and drivers.

This service must be approved by an Accessibility Advisor (for students) or ADA Coordinator (for faculty and staff) and will depend on the symptoms and severity of the person’s disability. In most cases, documentation verifying a disability or injury will be required. 

Please be aware that due to closure of the bridge near the old science building, travel from the northeast corner of campus to the south side of campus on the other side of the creek will take much longer than usual. This may impact rides campus-wide and cause delays. 

***Transportation to and from off-campus locations is not available.

Request Process

  1. Online cart ride requests must be submitted via the ARC website (click on the red "Cart Request" button), including one-time, temporary, or ongoing semester requests.
  2. Requests should be submitted at least one to two days prior to the scheduled ride.
  3. A separate request must be submitted for each ride (e.g., if you need a ride to class and then another ride to pick you up from class should be submitted as two separate requests). 
  4. During finals week, the online request system will be disabled, and all previously scheduled rides will be cancelled.
    • Finals week ride requests must be called in to the ARC office at 530-898-5959 at least 24-hours in advance.


  • ARC cannot guarantee that riders will be picked up or dropped off at their scheduled time during heavy ride request periods and congested foot traffic, especially between classes. 
  • Last-minute or same-day online or call-in requests will be subject to availability of carts and drivers and may not be provided.
  • Please be as specific as possible in the cart request regarding the exact pick-up location (e.g., which side of the building, which door, etc.) in the "Additional Information" field. 
    • Cart drivers will default to the main or front door of buildings for pick-up unless otherwise specified in the cart request.
  • When Butte Station is selected as a pick-up location, the cart driver will go to the area in front of Butte Station for Plumas, Butte, or Tehama Halls as this is a central pick-up location for these buildings. If a rider prefers to be picked up closer to one of these buildings, select "Other" as the pick-up location and specify the exact location (e.g., Butte Hall, door facing the creek) in the "Other Drop-off Location" field. 
  • When Arts & Humanities/PAC is selected as a pick-up location, the cart driver will go to the walkway between the two buildings near Kendall lawn. If a more specific location is needed for these buildings (e.g., round-about between Arts/PAC), please indicate the exact pick-up location in the "Additional Information" field. 
  • Riders must notify ARC as soon as possible of any ride cancellations, delays, or changes.
  • When possible, cart drivers will wait up to five minutes after the scheduled pick-up time for riders to show up for their ride. However, during heavy ride periods, drivers may not be able to wait.
  • After three rider no-shows, subsequent rides will be cancelled.
  • Friends or family may not accompany the rider.
  • ARC cart rides may not be used in lieu of an emergency responder to transport injured or sick.
  • Regular operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. Individuals who need rides after 5 p.m. may utilize the Campus Connection Shuttle.

Campus visitors who are physically unable to walk to campus locations must contact the persons organizing the event – at least five days in advance – to arrange for cart rides with ARC.