Accessibility Resource Center

Priority Registration

Continuing students who are registered with Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) are eligible for priority registration. Priority registration increases the probability that students with disabilities will secure registration in a course schedule that is most conducive to their disability-related needs. Current University policy is to allow priority groups to use the student portal to register for classes on the first day of Open Enrollment for the coming semester. Students should be prepared with their class lists for the coming semester on the first day of registration.

In addition to an email sent by ARC, students are notified through their student portal of the time and date of their appointment for registration of classes. Students may contact their Accessibility Advisor if they have received an appointment date that is past the opening day.

If a student needs an accommodation to register for classes, the student’s Accessibility Advisor may assist the student. This request should be made at least two weeks prior to the students’ registration date.

Students can utilize their student portal to add, drop, or rearrange classes throughout the Open Enrollment period.