Accessibility Resource Center

ADA Self Assessment and Transition Plan

Purpose of the ADA Self Assessment

Public Law 101-­‐336, known as The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), requires State and Local Governments, including Chico State, to conduct a self-­‐assessment of their programs to identify barriers and once the barriers to people with disabilities are identified, to establish a Transition Plan to remove barriers to ensure program accessibility. Our campus last conducted a formal self-­‐assessment in 1994; It is critical that we undergo another Self Assessment in order to reflect our progress and our ongoing commitment toward meeting our legal obligations under the ADA.

Just as important as the legal requirement, is our institutional commitment to accessibility. As a campus community, we engage in continuous assessment of the accessibility of programs and services. We seek opportunities to identify barriers, inventory our strategies and develop new and creative ways to provide improved access. This self-assessment is another opportunity to reflect on the progress we've made since the passage of the ADA in 1990, as well as to inform and prioritize where we need to focus energy, funds, and support.

Executive Memorandum 05-­‐019, which is the Policy On The Formation Of The Americans With Disabilities Act Committee charges the ADA Committee to facilitate the goal of physical and programmatic access and equal opportunity to University employment, educational programs, sponsored activities, and events for all persons.

The committee assists in assuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Updating The Self-Evaluation Report/Transition Plan

The ADA Committee has been working on developing a survey instrument to conduct an updated self-­‐evaluation of programs and services. The questionnaire is based upon Title II of the ADA. The ADA Committee is seeking to have the process complete and an updated report by August 2013.

The following accessibility-related assessments are available for review by calling the ADA Coordinator at (530) 898-­‐5959 or visiting the Accessibility Resource Center office located at SSC 170:

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  • ADA Self Evaluation 1994
  • ADA Self Evaluation 2014
  • Updated ADA Transition Plan 2000
  • Parking Self Evaluation 2002
  • SZS Master Accessibility Plan 2009
  • Accessibility Resource Center program evaluations 2010
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