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Accessibility Resource Center

ARC Forms

ARC Registration Form

The registration form allows you to tell us more about your disability and the reasonable accommodations you would like to request. If you are not sure what certain accommodations are, do not worry. You will get a chance to ask when you meet with an Accessibility Resource Center Advisor. After completing the registration form, you will need to print it out, sign it, and submit it to ARC. Follow the Instructions on the Register with the Accessibility Resource Center. You will be given the opportunity to download the Registration form, in either pdf or doc format, as well as view all the guidelines to verification and documentation that will be required for Registration.

The Service Request Portal

Once you have Registered with ARC you may request services that are pre-approved by your ARC Advisor. In order to request services follow the directions on the Service Request Portal page.

Note: you must register with ARC before requesting accommodations.

Assorted Forms