Accessibility Resource Center

Information for Parents

Parents of students with disabilities often spend many years advocating for the provision of support services for their children, working hard to ensure that their disabilities are understood and properly accommodated by the school systems. Once students arrive at college, however, the emphasis shifts from parent advocacy to student or self-advocacy. The responsibility, and the challenge, for parents then becomes balancing the student’s need for independence with their need to coordinate and advocate for services.

The Accessibility Resource Center at Chico State exists to provide support and to promote the ongoing personal and educational success of students with disabilities. Our website is designed to help students (and parents) address issues that often cause initial confusion, including topics such as confidentiality and transition from high school or community college to Chico State.

To assist parents and students in making this transition successfully, we invite you to become familiar with our website so that you can assist your student as he or she learns to be independent. Please keep in mind that students who are 18 years old or older are legally recognized as adults. In this case, the student is responsible for their own accommodation requests and disability-related decisions. However, students are encouraged to have an open dialogue with their parents as we know that can be a great source of support.

We also encourage parents to read the information on transition to college on the Student Resources page.