Accessibility Resource Center

Strategies for Success



  • Sit at the front of class.
  • Use a tape recorder.
  • Borrow notes/compare notes with peers.
  • Use study groups, tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction (SI).
  • Take a note-taking techniques workshop at the SLC.
  • Read ahead to become familiar with course vocabulary.
  • Go over notes immediately after class.
  • Meet with instructor during office hours to ask questions.


  • Attend SLC workshops on exam taking.
  • Answer the easy test questions first.
  • Allot time according to the point value of the questions.
  • Review all returned assignments and exams to analyze errors.
  • Use a word processor or electronic speller.
  • Use exam accommodations from the ARC.
  • Use ear plugs to reduce distractions.

Written Work

  • Use the Student Learning Center(opens in new window) Tutors.
  • Attend word processing workshops given by Student Computing.
  • Use Dragon Natural Speaking if eligible (See ATC section)
  • Be sure to understand the writing assignment; do not guess or assume about what is required.

Time Management

  • Attend time management workshop at the Student Learning Center(opens in new window).
  • Carry an organizer and use it faithfully.
  • Combine all syllabi assignments into one complete calendar of due dates and preparation times needed.
  • Develop a schedule and an environment for studying
  • Attend each class
  • Plan courses each semester carefully with the academic advisor and an ARC advisor.