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Accessibility Resource Center

Director's Welcome

Welcome to California State University, Chico. I hope you find Chico State to be inclusive, responsive, and innovative. This campus has a tremendous commitment to all students and their educational goals. Chico State recognizes that higher education is changing! One important change is the growing diversity of students, and that disability is part of that diversity. Students with disabilities are estimated to represent nine percent of all incoming college freshmen; one out of 11 students has a documented disability.

Here at Chico State we know that students with and without disabilities are on a journey to explore their identity, and to define their role in society. The key to a successful journey for students with disabilities is the ability and openness to realize their personal strengths and limitations, the desire and aptitude to take responsibility for managing their academic and personal success, and the maturity to utilize resources and services available to assist them.

While similar in philosophy, post secondary services for students with disabilities are not a continuation of earlier special education services. As adults, students with disabilities are expected to take full personal responsibility for their educational experience. The role of Accessibility Resource Center is to guide students through the process, so that ultimately students can identify their own personal strengths, understand the impact of their disability, think creatively about solutions, and communicate their needs effectively.

We look forward to working with you.

Holly Hunt