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Virtual Exam Services

Information on Exam Services During Virtual Instruction

Proctoring Services:

We are unable to provide in-person proctoring services until further notice. Please continue to make your exam request through the Service Request Portal. Be aware that instructors are doing their best and if your accommodation time has not been extended on Blackboard (or another format), please email your instructor as soon as possible and cc so that we are aware of the issue. 

When taking an exam at home, if you have distraction reduced environment as an accommodation appointed by your advisor, we highly recommend you establish a distraction reduced environment prior to beginning your online exam.

**Do NOT click on the option for ONLINE exam (even though it is). Continue to request exams as if it were an in-person exam.

Kurzweil Exams:

Kurzweil exams unfortunately cannot be provided at this time. We are currently working to find a resolution for remote Kurzweil testing. However, if you would like your exam read aloud to you, please see the information below to make a request.

Reader Services:

If you have Reader Services or Kurzweil as a testing accommodation, please make your exam request through the Service Request Portal AND send an email to with the following details:




Exam date:

Exam time:

You will then be contacted with a Zoom appointment time for the exam with a staff member as your reader.