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Exam Services for Online Exams

Will Exam Services Be Available For Online Courses?

Yes, proctoring via Zoom is available for students taking online courses. Please continue to make your exam requests through ARC Go! Please note that instructors are doing their best and if your accommodation time has not been extended on Blackboard (or another format), please email your instructor as soon as possible and cc so that we are aware of the issue. 

When taking an exam at home, if you have distraction-reduced environment as an accommodation appointed by your Accessibility Advisor, we highly recommend you establish a distraction-reduced environment prior to beginning your online exam.

Kurzweil Exams:

Kurzweil exams may be administered via Zoom proctoring and use of your personal computer as long as you have Chrome as your browser. However, if you would like to use this, please see the information below to make a request.

Zoom Proctoring & Reader Services:

If you have Reader Services or would like ARC staff to remote proctor your exam via Zoom, please make your exam request through ARC Go! AND send an email to with the following details:




Exam date

Exam time

You will be contacted with a Zoom appointment link and ARC staff will retrieve testing details from your instructor. Please send this request with at least three days’ notice so that we have time to gain the information needed.