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Accessibility Resource Center


The staff of the Accessibility Resource Center office welcomes veterans to our campus. We want to make your time at California State University, Chico as valuable and uncomplicated as possible. The Accessibility Resource Center is coordinated out of one office on our campus. We have close working relations with other offices and agencies, including Office of Veteran’s Affairs(opens in new window) and the California Department of Rehabilitation.

In addition to helping secure appropriate accommodations, the staff of the ARC can work in an advocacy role to support individuals who have specialized situations and needs. We will work with you to provide appropriate accommodations and supports under the law and be part of your team while you are a Chico State student. Please review our website for eligibility requirements and the process for requesting accommodations. Call or e-mail our office to get connected. You will be assigned an advisor who will work with you and help you through the process.

Chico State Values Veterans