Department of Art & Art History

Brown Garden Snail (Cornu aspersum)

A brown garden snail painted onto a wifi router.

Artist: Shannon Hanson

In California there are about 280 species of snails, with 242 known to be native, but they can be found around the globe.  Snails live in moist habitats that have a large food supply. Brown snails are nocturnal but will come out after rain. Seen as pests, many places look to eradicate snails because they are infestations. Many states have created quarantine restrictions against plants that may bring infestations.

Ecological Importance:

  1. Food Provider: Snails are a valuable source of food for mammals, toads, beetles, and birds.
  1. Decomposers: Snails eat decomposing vegetation as well as  

               decomposing dead animals.

Fun Facts:

  • The mucus of a snail is constantly released from glands in the foot, which allows for movement.
  • Snails self fertilize, carrying the reproductive organs of both sexes.
  • Snails can have around 430 babies a year

This router is located on the South side of Butte Hall.