Department of Art & Art History

Candy Striped Leafhopper (Graphocephala coccinea)

Leafhoppers can be found in Northern and Central America in meadows and woodlands. You can also find them on blackberry, blueberry or rose bushes feeding on plant sap, which they drain from the plant with specialized mouthparts. Leafhoppers are known to cause damage to plants but are beneficial to others.

Ecological Importance:

  • Food providers: After eating, the leafhopper releases bubbles of liquid waste from its abdomen, which retain a sweetness that is eaten by insects like wasps and flies.
  • Insect control: The leafhopper are mainly herbivores, but some will eat smaller insects, such as aphids; which are pests to all gardens.

Fun Facts:

  • Leafhoppers can jump inches away, out of view from potential predators.

This router is located on the East wall of the Performing Arts Center.