Department of Art & Art History

Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa)

A wifi router displaying the painted a praying mantis.

The praying mantis was originally native to Europe and was transported to the U.S in 1899. Mantis’s can be found worldwide, ranging around 2,300 species. Mantis religiosa can be found in Southern Europe, Asia, Africa,Australia, and North America. In Germany, the mantis is on the “threatened” list.  Their habitats include temperate regions and tropical climates.

Ecological importance

  1. Insect Control: The praying mantis is a farmer's best friend because they eat many pest insects

Fun Facts:

  • The mantis has great vision allowing them to focus well, and track exactness. Along with their large eyes they also have three simple eyes located between them.
  • The female is larger than the male, and because of this they are unable to carry their weight for flying.
  • The name praying mantis came from the position of its forelegs.

This router is located on the East wall of Holt Hall.