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Douglas Wittnebel

Doug Wittnebel is an architect, author, and artist based in California. He combines a unique viewpoint, a sense of humor, an undying interest in visual phenomena, a deep sense of history, combined with multiple layers of very sound practical experiences as a design director and illustrator.  He specializes in storytelling, editorial and travel drawing, visual development, storyboarding, visual note-taking, architectural sketches, and more.  Doug’s work is characterized by his ability to analyze and reinterpret a project’s design challenges, through visual communication, including digital and hand illustrations.   His clear, informative, and expressive sketches and animations translate the big architectural ideas into inventive and functional solutions. 

Holding a Masters Architecture Degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, Doug has over 35 years of experience across a number of design and architectural-focused companies, collaborating with technology, energy, and financial firm clients in the U.S. and throughout the Asian region. Doug’s career led him to direct the vision of project teams at Gensler Japan and U.S.A., Parco Japan, and IA 103 Thailand.  Doug’s award-winning projects have been published in the San Francisco Business Times and Forbes, among other media.

Doug is an active member of the International Interior Design Association, IIDA, and acted as President of the Northern California Chapter in 2017/2018.  As an engaged member of the architecture and design community in the San Francisco Bay Area, Doug has spoken about technology & design at a number of events for local organizations, including the AIA East Bay and various conferences across the United States. Doug’s creative talent extends beyond the design studio to his digital and hand illustrations, which can be seen in ED+C Magazine, Interior Design,, and in new window). 

Doug is also known as “the Designer that can’t stop Drawing”. He employs drawing as the basis for so many creative acts.  Doug is also known for teaching young students about the magic of immediate sketching and live drawing. 

“The more you draw, the more you can decipher the hidden depths of the creative process," Doug notes. "The process of group and individual sketching becomes the spark for igniting new possibilities.”

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