Department of Art & Art History

Printmaking Studio

The printmaking area is comprised of two large studios that house intaglio, relief, lithography, and screen printing. There are 3 additional smaller rooms: the acid room for ferric chloride etching, the exposure room for all light-sensitive processes, and a clean space for printing transparencies and matting prints.

Intaglio and Relief Section

The intaglio and relief section houses 3 intaglio presses (66 x 39½ inch Griffin, 55 x 32½ inch Griffin, 48 x 24 inch Charles Brand) and 2 Vandercook proofing presses (20 x 38 inches and 18 x 26 inches).

Lithography and Screen Printing Section

The lithography section has an impressive library of stones up to 24 x 36 inches, a Griffin press and a Charles Brand press for stones, and a Takach table top press for photo-litho. Screen printing has 6 printing stations, a backlit washout booth and NuArc exposure unit.


Ayres Hall, Rooms 122 and 129

Student access only. Afterhours access for students with permission of instructor.