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Visiting Artists & Scholars

2020-2021 Visiting Artists

  • 2021-2022 Visiting Scholar Lecture Series: Art & Social Change
    • Diana Taylor – Reparative Memory: Trauma, Memory, Accountability, and Repair
      • Thursday, October 21 st at 5:30pm
      • What can we do when it seems that nothing can be done and doing nothing is not an option? How do communities hardest hit by COVID-19 transform the traumatic memories of loss into practices of repair? This talk will explore some of the theoretical and practical implications of these questions.
      • Join us for this free virtual event by registering HERE
    • Amanda Henrichs – Embroidered Tails: Remediating Mary Wroth
      • Wednesday, October 27 at 5pm
      • Mary Wroth (neé Sidney), a prominent 17th-century women writer, is known to modern scholars as highly allusive, and the same scholars have documented many moments of intertextuality between her work and that of her father, Robert Sidney, and her uncle, Philip Sidney. Further, the whole family was close-knit, and Wroth and her aunt, Lady Mary Pembroke, in particular are known to have had a warm relationship. Yet there have not yet been documented intertextual moments between Wroth and Pembroke. Given everything we know about the Sidney family, this should not be true.
      • Exploring this intertextual gap, this talk asks: can computers identify the marked language that close readers would call allusions? Can computers find additional moments of intertextuality? How does a computational shift in method change our understanding of historical intertext? One can push even further on such questions of method by incorporating feminist and critical making practices, including those in fiber arts. In particular, I suggest that textual remediation calls for participatory criticism, whether remediation happens through complex computational processes or via needle and thread.
      • Join us for this free virtual event HERE

Past Visiting Artist and Lecturers

Many thanks to David and Shari Hopper for funding the Visiting Artist Series. * indicates a Hopper Visiting Artist. 

Suzanne Lacy(opens in new window)
Kim Abeles(opens in new window)
Michael Adams, son of photographer Ansel Adams
Terry Adkins(opens in new window)
Thomas Michael Alleman(opens in new window)
Terry Allen(opens in new window)
Brett Anderson(opens in new window)
AK/OK(opens in new window)
Michael Arcega(opens in new window)
Erdag Aksel(opens in new window)
Edgar Arceneaux (Fall '18)*(opens in new window)View Artist Lecture(opens in new window)
Mary Bates Neubauer(opens in new window)
Anne Beffel(opens in new window)
David Best(opens in new window)
Dylan Beck*
Kate Bingaman-Burt*
Byron Black
Les Blank(opens in new window)
Kathan Brown, Catherine Brooks(opens in new window),
Nao Bustamante*
Josh Callaghan*(opens in new window)
Kevin B. Chen(opens in new window)
Pat Collentine(opens in new window)
Linda Connor(opens in new window)
Deborah Cornell(opens in new window)
Russell Crotty*(opens in new window)
Binh Danh(opens in new window)
Paul DiMarinis(opens in new window)
Christine Duval(opens in new window)
Rinde Eckert(opens in new window)
Gregory Edwards
Steve Fitch
Geoff Fricker
Joanne Frueh(opens in new window)
Genevieve Gaignard(opens in new window)
Maureen Gosling(opens in new window)
Art Hazelwood(opens in new window)
Ullrich Hellmann
Steven High(opens in new window)
EJ Hill(opens in new window)
Yuji Hiratsuka(opens in new window)
Betye Saar(opens in new window)
Margo Humphry(opens in new window)
Roxanne Jackson(opens in new window)
Scott Jenerik(opens in new window)
Jonothan Keats(opens in new window)
Kurt Kemp(opens in new window)
Gyongy Laky(opens in new window)
Gyöngy Laky (Fall '18)*(opens in new window)
Susan Larsen(opens in new window)
Robin Lasser
Carrie Lederer(opens in new window)
Jimin Lee(opens in new window)
Judith Leinen(opens in new window)
Phil Linares
Carl Loffler
Sharon Louden*
Cathy Lu(opens in new window)
Bernie Lubell(opens in new window)
Kent Manske
Liv Moe and Lisa Marasso
Tom Marioni
Fred Martin
Deborah Masters
Michael McMillen
Lloyd Menard
Jesse Mockrin*(opens in new window)
Paul Mullowney*
Tomoko Murakami
Ansgar Nierhoff
Nance O'Banion
Pat Oleszko
Deborah Orapollo*
Richard Peterson
Danica Phelps*
Renny Pritikin
Lucy Puls
Margot Quan Knight
Jenny Robinson
Italo Scanga
Jenny Schmid
Leslie Shows*
Emma Spertus(opens in new window)

John Spiak
Stephanie Syjuco*

Heiner Thiel
Matthew Tyson*
Hrag Vartanian*(opens in new window)

Sarah Whorf
Shelly Willis
Byron Wolfe
Xiaoze Xie*
Randy Yau
Pamela Z