Glenn Kendall Community Impact Recognition

Nominations are closed for 2023-24.

The Glenn Kendall Community Impact Recognition (formerly the Glenn Kendall Public Service Award) is one of Chico State’s most distinguished and prestigious student acknowledgements presented by the University. It exemplifies the values of our university and the ideals that Chico State President Emeritus Glenn Kendall championed: a commitment to activity and engagement through impactful service.

Faculty, staff, administrators, or community members can nominate/sponsor a student application for this award, and the complete application is to be a collaborative effort between them and the student applicant. An interested student may also nominate themselves for the award, provided that they find a nominator/sponsor to collaborate with. Through their award application, the junior or senior applicant shall demonstrate activity and engagement through impactful service to other person(s) or organizations(s) with support from their nominator/sponsor.

Prior Winners

Stacey Jones (2023)
Angel de Trinidad (2022)
Diana Gonzalez (2021)
Jessica Ramirez (2020)
Michael Doris (2019)
Rachel Ward (2018)
Jessica Candela (2017)
Courtney Hudson (2016)
Zachary Phillips (2015)
Lauren Crane (2014)
Swan Toma (2013)
Jeffrey Logsdon (2012)
Lauren Smallwood (2011)
Sharon Darsey (2010)
Ashley Oakley (2009)
Travis Sluys (2008)
Danielle Casel (2007)
Josephine Cline (2004)
Elizabeth Schaefer (2000)
Sherilyn Peak (1999)
Deborah Davis (1998)
Jay Harris (1997)
John Rivers, Jr. (1996)
Heather Tatton (1995)
Christopher Hicks (1994)
Cory Sbarbaro (1993)