Glenn Kendall Public Service Award

Faculty, chairs, directors, and deans are invited to consider candidates for the next Glenn Kendall Public Service Award for 2022-2023. This prestigious award recognizes an outstanding graduating senior with exemplary scholarship and public service. This award is available to candidates from all fields of study who will graduate in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023. 

Prior Winners

Angel de Trinidad (2022)
Diana Gonzalez (2021)
Jessica Ramirez (2020)
Michael Doris (2019)
Rachel Ward (2018)
Jessica Candela (2017)
Courtney Hudson (2016)
Zachary Phillips (2015)
Lauren Crane (2014)
Swan Toma (2013)
Jeffrey Logsdon (2012)
Lauren Smallwood (2011)
Sharon Darsey (2010)
Ashley Oakley (2009)
Travis Sluys (2008)
Danielle Casel (2007)
Josephine Cline (2004)
Elizabeth Schaefer (2000)
Sherilyn Peak (1999)
Deborah Davis (1998)
Jay Harris (1997)
John Rivers, Jr. (1996)
Heather Tatton (1995)
Christopher Hicks (1994)
Cory Sbarbaro (1993)

This is a $700 award.

Selection Criteria

  • Outstanding graduating senior
  • Record of outstanding scholarship, including special studies, projects, and fieldwork in courses involving public service/service learning
  • Record of outstanding public service within the University and the community
  • Record of proven ability to work effectively with others, and
  • Evidence of traits indicating a dedication to the well-being of people

Nomination packet should include:

  • Letter of nomination on behalf of candidate
  • Candidate’s résumé
  • Supporting letters and materials

Nomination Format and Deadline

Applications are closed for the 2023 year.