California State University, Chico


     The Ballroom Dance Club gratefully accepts donations from local merchants or businesses. Donated products will be raffled off at our dances, providing high visibility for your organization. Additionally, we will list your business name and logo here.

     We reserve the right to refuse donations of any kind and from any source, at our discretion.


     We would like to thank the following local businesses and organizations for their support:

Special Thanks

     We would like to thank the following people for their constant support and contributions.

Our CSU Chico Instructors:

Jolene Barry
Catherine Himburg
Patricia Smiley
Tom Ussery

Our Active Alumni:

Kalea Allen
Laurie Barnes
Elbert Chan
Timothy Lynch
Michelle Rose
Beau Scarbrough
Daniel Silveira

Studio One:

Luke Scherba
Kylee Zimmerman-Pearn