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     Memberships cost $5 dollars each and are limited to Chico State University students only. They can be bought in CSU ballroom dance classes, at Ballroom Dance Club dances, at Studio One during Friday Night Club-Style Ballroom dances (see the listing in the "Learn" section), or you can email us at

About Us

     The Chico State Ballroom Dance Club was created to provide and enhance the experience of students who wanted to dance outside of class. Since 1995, this student organization has promoted ballroom dance through events and lessons. We organize dances and workshops that are open to the public, as well as lab times designed to allow students taking ballroom classes to practice and/or make up absences.

Spring 2013 Officers

Faculty Advisor
Jolene Barry
Ingrid Birznieks
Vice President
Giovanni LoCascio
Amy Schuman
Jessie Kodai
Elisabeth Schirmers
Honorary Committee Members
Michelle Rose
Gabe Maddox
Jessica Presley
Mitchell Inman

Contact Us

     For general questions or to be added to our e-mail announcement list, contact us at

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