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Financial Wellness and Literacy

One-on-one appointments – Financial Wellness Clinic

Do you find yourself struggling with financial stress? The Financial Wellness Clinic has now opened its doors to the campus community. We will be offering financial planning information to students, faculty and staff in the areas of budgeting, credit scores, student loan repayment, retirement planning, and many other areas of personal finance. If you are struggling with financial stress and need someone to talk to, anyone on campus is welcome to sit down with our resident financial planner or our paraplanners to discuss options and formulate a financial plan. For more information, please email

Make an appointment with a peer paraplanner. 

Making Money Moves – Workshop Series

  Spring 2024 series (PDF)

Do you want to learn how your money mindset affects your spending?  How to budget, file taxes or get an on-campus job?  This series is for YOU!   We are providing this workshop series both in person and on zoom.  A free meal will be provided to those able to make it in person. 

Colusa 100

Free meal provided, space is limited

Raffle prizes! 

 For those unable to attend in person, workshops are also available on zoom:

Making Money Moves workshops:

Mind over Money

Presenter: Golden One Financial Wellness Team

Tuesday, February 6 th  5pm – 6:30pm

Abundance or scarcity mindset, which one do you have? What did you learn about money as a child or through past experiences? In this presentation, learn to uncover the impact of your past experiences on your financial behaviors and overall wellbeing.

How Money Works: Banking, Bucks, Budgets & Debt

Presenters: Amber Noel-Camacho, Tribal Relations and Miranda Robinson, Financial Aid

Tuesday, March 5 th  5pm – 6:30pm

Learn the basics of banking and budgeting while in college.  Don’t have enough money to get by?  Hear from financial aid about student loans and other opportunities for extra funding.

Slay This Tax Season

Presenter: Jaycob Arborgast, Financial Wellness Clinic

Tuesday, April 2nd   5pm – 6:30pm

Taxes can be overwhelming and scary, learn about the basics of filing your taxes in a friendly and welcoming environment. This educational workshop will cover how to file your taxes and common mistakes to avoid.

J.O.B.: How to gain part-time pay, and make a full-time future!

Presenter:  Jerad Prevost from the Career Center

Tuesday, May 7 th 5pm -6:30pm

Part-time jobs, internships, paid and unpaid?  The job market can be hard to navigate.  Come by to learn about how to get the income you need.  We will cover current opportunities on and off campus, work-study, internships and full-time careers that utilize your degree.

Past Workshop Videos:

Student Side Hustles: How to make extra money while in college

Presenter: Panel of current Chico State student business owners

Learn from current Chico State students who have successfully started a business to increase their cash flow while in college.  Ask questions and engage to learn if starting a small business might be a good option for you!

Student Side Hustles Video

Safeguarding Your Financial Future: Navigating Scams, Credit Pitfalls, and Identity Theft

Presenter: Benito Arbaca, Edward Jones

Come learn how to avoid falling victim to scams, high-interest credit card traps, identity theft, and other financial hazards. This workshop will equip you with practical tools and insights to make informed financial decisions, guard against potential scams, and secure your financial well-being for years to come. Join us to take control of your financial journey and build a more resilient financial future.

Safeguarding Your Financial Future Video

#Adulting: 4 things I wish I knew about money when I graduated

Presenter: Jaycob Arbogast, Financial Wellness Clinic and Kelly Larson, MEP

Come learn about how to manage your finances after college. Why is my paycheck so small? What does a professional job offer look like? What questions do I ask of my employer about benefits or retirement savings? Will I ever be able to afford a house?

 #Adulting Video 

Money, Why? The psychology behind our spending habits

Presenter: Jaycob Arborgast, Financial Wellness Clinic

Why do we make certain choices with our money? How does psychology play into our financial behaviors? And how do we take action to make smarter financial choices? We’ll explore what makes us “tick” when it comes to money and how we can improve our financial habits.

Money, Why Video

More Bank for Your Buck

Presenter:Gregorio Beck, Financial Advisor from Wells Fargo

Join Financial Advisor Gregorio Beck from Wells Fargo as he provides expert advice on the essentials of all things banking. Gain confidence in your financial future with the help from an industry professional.

More Bank for Your Buck Video