Chico State Basic Needs Project

Basic Needs Rapid Re-housing

Do you have unstable housing? Unsafe living situation? Homeless? Continual couch surfing or sleeping in your car? Are you evacuating your house?

If you are a Chico State student struggling with safe and affordable housing please fill out the easy Application for Assistance

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and need immediate assistance contact the University Police, 530-898-5555.

What is Basic Needs Rapid Re-housing?

Basic Needs Re-housing assists eligible Chico State students experiencing displacement, unsafe housing, potential homelessness (eviction) or homelessness with housing:

  • Short-term (1-14 day) emergency shelter and temporary housing
  • Transitional, rapid re-housing and permanent housing assistance
  • Basic needs referral and homeless prevention services
  • Off campus housing and rental market advising
  • Housing navigation 
  • Cased managed basic needs grants and rental assistance
  • Financial wellness and housing market literacy
  • Housing consumer protection and legal services through CLIC (Community Legal Information Clinic)

Displacement or Homelessness Examples:

  • Unexpected economic challenge or unhoused due to extenuating circumstance 
  • Escaping disaster, flood or climate fire leading to homelessness
  • Displacement due to unsafe, unhealthy or unpredictable living conditions
  • Not residing at a permanent address. Lack of a formal rental agreement
  • Unsafe couch surfing, living in a car or places that are not intended for housing
  • Unpredictable change in financial situation leading to displacement or homelessness


  • Be in an unexpected housing situation, unhoused or homeless (see examples above).
  • Be a currently enrolled CSU, Chico undergraduate or graduate student or have an intention of enrollment approved through Basic Needs.
  • Be able to specifically document the nature of the housing crisis and current financial situation.
  • Be willing to work towards housing by following through with a mutually agreed-upon action plan with a University case manager, which may include working with staff at: Financial Aid & Scholarship, Financial Wellness, Academic Advising, WellCat Counseling Center and other on and off-campus offices to improve financial, mental and physical sustainability.
  • If applicable, complete the FAFSA, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), CADAA (California Dream Act Application), or equivalent. Note: Homeless, former foster, and unaccompanied homeless youth have financial aid access rights and are strongly encouraged to contact Basic Needs for additional support with financial aid applications
  • If appropriate, must be actively pursuing part-time employment and all other means of self-support, if currently unemployed but able to work.

Not Eligible for Rapid Re-housing Support

  • If you have the financial resources to afford housing.
  • If you need it to pay for expected or planned housing expenses that could have been budgeted for.