Butte Creek Ecological Preserve

Education and Research

For K-12 programs, go to our Outdoor Classroom Page.

The Reserves are an educational resource serving as a living laboratory and outdoor classroom. One goal of Reserves management is to promote and accommodate use for research and educational purposes. 


Classes in any subject may be allowed on-site. All instructors must agree to comply with all  rules and guidelines for use.

  1. Contact our reserves management staff to discuss your proposed classroom project or activity by emailing bccer@csuchico.edu or calling (530) 342-1371.
  2. Apply for a use permit use by accessing our online Reserve Access Management System (RAMS)(opens in new window). Please provide as much detailed information about your planned project as possible.
  3. Your request will be evaluated by our reserves management team and you will receive a response to your request in a timely manner.