Public Use

Nature Hikes and Observation

Hiking, flower and wildlife observing are compatible with the educational goal of the reserve.

All public access is walk-in only unless granted access otherwise.

Please use common sense to prevent habitat damage.

Butte Creek Ecological Preserve Brochure and Guide

Since any human activity in a natural area will have subtle impacts that may not be noticed for many years, one might conclude that the best policy would be to forbid all recreational activities in the reserves. However, education is one of our main functions and people who tread lightly while enjoying the beauty and solitude of the reserves are learning important lessons about nature. Therefore, it is the policy of the BCEP to allow recreational activities that are compatible with our primary goals of preservation, research, and education. 

All visitors are asked to read and comply with all rules and guidelines when visiting the BCEP.

Avoid spreading noxious weeds
Invasion and dominance of ecosystems by non-native species is a major cause of loss of global biodiversity. The preserve already has major weed problems. Help prevent further problems by following common sense rules: Clean burs and mud from shoes and clothing before entering the reserve. Wash mud from wheels and wheel-wells before driving a vehicle into the reserve. Carry out seeds from any fruits you bring for lunch or snacks.

Removal of any natural or historic object from its original location within the reserve should be done only as part of an approved research program. See Research Protocol.

Leave no trace
There are no trash cans at the preserve so please help us protect the environment and natural habitat by taking out what you bring in.