Butte Creek Ecological Preserve

Plant Species of the BCEP

Within the BCEP, several vegetation communities can be found. Based on the California Wildlife Habitat Relations (Mayer and Laudenslayer 1988) vegetation classification system the vegetation communities found within the boundaries of the preserve include annual grasslands, blue oak-gray pine, valley oak woodlands, valley foothill riparian, riverine and a minor component of mixed chaparral. The physical constraints of the landscape within this stretch of Butte Creek contribute to the relatively close proximity of upland vegetation to the riparian corridor as well as the diversity of community types coexisting on the 93-acre preserve. With respect to soils, the dominance of cobbles and gravels in some areas in addition to the embedded nature of much of this substrate has limited the regeneration of native vegetation.

Several reclamation, restoration and mitigation projects have been implemented at the BCEP. Many of these projects have been implemented with the assistance of school groups from K-12 institutions as well as university-based courses and organizations.

(Cursory Assessment of the Butte Creek Ecological Preserve, Don Hankins, 2007) (PDF)