Butte Creek Ecological Preserve

Shrubs and Vines of the BCEP

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An online folder with photos of the BCEP Plant Species.

Shrubs and Vines of the BCEP
FamilyScientific NameCommon NameNativeCodeComments
AdoxaceaeSambucus nigra subsp. canadensisBlue ElderberryYESSexisting and restoration planted shrubs.
AnacardiaceaeRhus aromaticaSkunkbushYESS
 Toxicodendron diversilobumWestern Poison-OakYESS/V 
ApocynaceaeNerium oleanderOleanderNOS
AsteraceaeBaccharis pilularisCoyote-BrushYESSexisting and restoration planted shrubs
 Baccharis salicifoliaMule's-FatYESS 
 Brickellia californicaCalifornia BrickelliaYESS 
BoraginaceaeEriodictyon californicumCalifornia Yerba-SantaYESS
CalycanthaceaeCalycanthus occidentalisWestern SpicebushYESS 
CaprifoliaceaeLonicera interruptaChaparral HoneysuckleYESS/V 
EricaceaeArctostaphylos manzanita subsp. manzanitaBig ManzanitaYESS 
 Arctostaphylos viscida subsp. viscidaWhite-Leaved ManzanitaYESS
FabaceaeCercis occidentalisWestern RedbudYESS 
 Genista monspessulanaFrench-BroomNOS 
 Lupinus albifrons var. albifronsSilver Bush-LupineYESSexisting and restoration planted shrubs
 Spartium junceumSpanish-BroomNOS 
GrossulariaceaeRibes aureum var. gracillimumBugle CurrantYESSrestoration planting, keys to an inner north coast range plant of alluvial areas
 Ribes malvaceum var. viridifoliumChaparral CurrantYESSrestoration planting, keys to an outer south coast range and southern coastal zone chaparral species
LamiaceaeSalvia melliferaBlack SageYESSlarge restoration planting near storage area, keys to a coastal-sage scrub plant from southern California
PapaveraceaeRomneya coulteriCoulter's Matilija PoppyYESSin restoration planting area near storage sheds. A southern California native
PhiladelphaceaePhiladelphus lewisiiMock OrangeYESS
PhrymaceaeMimulus aurantiacus subsp. aurantiacusBush Monkey-FlowerYESSrestoration planting. doesn't key to our local species.
PhytolaccaceaePhytolacca americanaAmerican PokeweedNOSscattered throughout riparian zone and along the dryer edges
RhamnaceaeCeanothus foliosus var. vineatusCeanothusYESSa restoration planting, keys to an outer north coast range shrub
 Ceanothus cuneatus var. cuneatusBuckbrushYESS 
 Frangula californica subsp. tomentellaHoary CoffeeberryYESS
 Rhamnus ilicifoliaHolly-Leaved RedberryYESS 
RosaceaeCercocarpus betuloides var. betuloidesBirch-Leaved Mountain MahoganyYEST/Srestoration planting
 Heteromeles arbutifoliaToyonYESS 
 Rosa californicaCalifornia RoseYESVrestoration planting
 Rubus armeniacusHimalayan BlackberryNOVabundant
 Rubus laciniatusCut-Leaved BlackberryNOV
 Rubus ursinusCalifornia BlackberryYESVrestoration planting, small patches also observed scattered among R.discolor brambles
RubiaceaeCephalanthus occidentalis var. californicusCalifornia Button-WillowYESS 
SalicaceaeSalix exiguaSandbar WillowYESSabundant, in various habitats
 Salix lasiandraYellow WillowYESSshrubs observed along creek near the lower end of the preserve. note the cluster of glands on the petiole at the base of each leaf (see photo).
 Salix lasiolepisArroyo WillowYESScommon, existing and restoration plantings
 Salix melanopsisDusky WillowYESScommon on gravel bars.
SmilacaceaeSmilax californicaCalifornia GreenbrierYESVscattered in riparian zone near seeps and drainages.