Book in Common

Book in Common Selection


Book in Common Coordinator (Chair)  

Butte College Representative  

Butte County Library Representative 

Dean of Undergraduate Education or designee

First-Year Experience Director or designee  

Meriam Library Representative 

Student Representative 

University Diversity Council Representative or designee  

UPE/Advancement Representative  

3 faculty at large (three-year staggered term, renewable once) 

2 staff at large (three-year staggered term, renewable once) 

1 community at large (three-year staggered, renewable once) 

Selection Process 

Solicit recommendations from campus and community, ongoing 

  • August-October: Read and review general candidates 
  • November-December: Select 3-5 finalists, solicit campus feedback 
  • January-February: Convene focus groups to read finalists, including students, staff, faculty, and community 
  • March: Committee recommendation to campus presidents for review and selection 
  • April-May: Announce BIC to campus and community; form programming team related to the BIC 

Committee Member Duties 

  • Gather recommendations for possible Book in Common from constituent communities 
  • Discuss relevance of recommendations for university strategic plan, enduring commitments, and current events 
  • Read and complete rubrics for approximately 5-8 books
  • Attend hour bi-weekly fall meetings; monthly one-hour spring meetings 
  • Participate in focus groups