Biological Sciences

Biology Student Computer Lab (Holt 253)

Colleen Hatfield, manager

Use of the computer lab

The lab is open to all registered biology students. Graduate students who plan to use the lab frequently should request a key from the department secretary. Undergraduate students using the lab for biology classes or independent research should ask their instructors about access. 

If not reserved for class use, the lab is open on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check the lab for a posted weekly schedule. Please use the lab for class or research-related use only. Help us maintain the facility in good working condition!


The lab currently has PCs networked and with laser printing services.

Saving your work: NEVER leave your files on the computer hard drives.  Before you leave, ALWAYS copy them to a flash drive, or send them to another web site!

Printing: Printing is currently free and on an honor system. Please limit the amount of paper, toner, and ink you use. The department can only pay for limited supplies! The inkjet paper and ink are especially expensive, so use them only when really necessary!

Software: The PCs have the following software:

  • MS Office 2003
  • ArcView (GIS)