Biological Sciences

Gerald Manuel Cobián

Assistant Professor

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Courses Taught:

  • Microbiology (BIOL 371)
  • Microbial Ecology (BIOL 402)
  • Plant Physiology (BIOL 414)
  • Plant Pathology (BIOL 446)


  • Microbiology

Research Interests:

  • Plant fungal interactions
  • Biogeography
  • Phylogenetics
  • Community assembly

Research Summary:

  • Research in the Cobian Lab is broadly interested in the biogeography, phylogenetics, and ecology of fungal communities with the goal of identifying the patterns and processes that facilitate the assembly and function of these microbial communities. With the use of molecular tools, manipulative experiments, and field-based inquiries, we seek to model and predict patterns of fungal diversity in order to improve our understanding of how these microbes mediate ecological interactions in nature.

Portrait of Gerald Manuel Cobián