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Entomology Internships

Biology interns


Have an interest in insects or biology in general? Want to learn more and get hands on experience? Consider an internship with the Chico State Entomology Collection. People of all skill levels are welcome to inquire! To get more information on available internships email


"He took a chance on me, noticed that I had interest, and gave me an opportunity to work in a lab. It’s my first foot in the door and that’s what’s really exciting for me; the beginning of, hopefully, a very long-lasting career." -Jamie Sydnor

"Dr. Miller gives us the ideal level of autonomy for learning and growing. He’s very supportive and passionate letting you do what you want while still guiding you." -Candice Sawyer

"Working on the collection was such an important part of my college career because it gave me the opportunity to experience real life applications of my studies. It also nourished my fascination of the logic and beauty in the diversity of life." -Lauren Poland