Biological Sciences

Biology/Omicron Friday Seminar Series - Fall 2020

All seminars are held via Zoom:

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Meeting ID: 978 3881 0938
Passcode: 896669

Presentations 4:00-4:50 pm

Zoom links open at 3:30 for mask-free virtual cookies and coffee socializing

Sep. 4 – Dr. Wayne Marcus Getz (UC Berkeley):
Title: “The Great Covid-19 Pandemic: A Disease Ecologists Perspective”

Sep. 18 – Dr. Matt Gibson (Stowers Institute):
Subject: Evolutionary developmental biology of cnidarians

Oct. 2 – TBA

Oct. 16 – Dr. Catrina Robinson (Medical University of South Carolina):
Subject: Metabolic disorders and memory

Oct. 30 – Dr. Jennifer Neuwald (Colorado State University):
Subject: Convergent patterns of evolution in conservation (in collared

Nov. 13 – Rachael Olliff Yang (UC Berkeley):
Subject: Mismatch Managed? Proposed strategies for managing
phenological asynchrony in plant-animal mutualisms

Dec. 4 – BIOL 600 Graduate student talks

Dec. 11 – BIOL 600 Graduate student talks

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