Biological Sciences

Biology/Omicron Friday Seminar Series - Fall 2022

All seminars are held on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 854 3746 1312

Passcode: 058170  

Presentations from 4 - 4:50 pm

Zoom links open at 3:30 for mask-free virtual cookies and coffee socializing

Seminar Schedule
September 2Cameran Egan (Okanagan College) Mycorrhizal fungi
September 9Amanda Carbajal (UC Santa Cruz) Antibiotic resistance
September 16Jan-Ulrik Dahl (Illinois State University) Oxidative stress defense systems in uropathogenic E. coli
September 23Rohan Mehta (Emory University) Evolution of cooperation
September 30Emily Fleming Nuester (Chico State) Sabbatical talk
October 7Małgorzata Gazda (Institut Pasteur) Evolutionary biology
October 14Richard Cooley (Oregon State University): Development of chemical biology tools and its application
October 21Emily Fairfax (CSU Channel Islands) Beaver ecology/hydrology
October 28 Ludmilla Aristilde (Northwestern University) Environmental engineering
November 4 Colleen Bove (Boston University) Coral physiology under climate change
November 18Alex Blee (Vanderbilt University) Mutations in nucleotide excision repair genes
December 2Don Miller and others (Chico State) Summer Travelogue
December 9BIOL 600 - Graduate Student Talk