Biological Sciences

MS Application Checklist

Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

Requirements for admission to the MS in Biological Sciences program (Classified Status):

1. A baccalaureate in biological sciences (or related field) from an accredited institution, or an equivalent approved by the Office of Graduate Studies.

2. GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 units of course work taken as an undergraduate. This can include any courses taken post-baccalaureate or in another graduate degree program.

3. Letter of Intent describing the applicants experience and goals as they pertain to the pursuit of a Master’s of Science in Biology.

4. A current CV highlighting experience in research and background in biology.

5. Two letters of recommendation. At least one of these should be from a faculty member who can address the applicant’s academic and/or research strengths and weaknesses. The letters of recommendation will be submitted electronically through Cal State Apply.

6. Identify a member of the Department of Biological Sciences faculty who has agreed to serve as a thesis advisor.

Applicants who do not meet these criteria can be admitted to the program under a Conditionally Classified Status at the discretion of the department.

To apply to the program, the following items must be sent to:

Submit applications online via Cal State Apply.