College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Service Learning

Service learning and internships are a central part of the educational experience we offer the students in our college. Each of our departments/programs has an extensive service learning/internship program that involves time spent outside the classroom in an effort to deepen student understanding of theories and knowledge learned in the classroom. Our students engage in meaningful community service with many local, regional, national, and international agencies and businesses.

When our students have service learning experiences and internships as part of their coursework, they accomplish a plethora of goals, from enriching their learning experience to helping the community become a better place, from expanding their resume to experiencing potential careers. Students also make important contacts that may help them secure employment or pursue a graduate degree after completing their undergraduate education. Service learning is integral to student learning and the college experience, and it is beneficial to all partners involved.

External College Centers

Learning, community engagement, partnership, and service are the cornerstones of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. We bring theory to practice with our support service activities, many of which are realized via partnerships with our college centers. These centers offer valuable community support services while providing students and faculty opportunities to apply their knowledge and gain valuable practical skills.

Whether seeking legal information, counseling related to Medicare, assistance in developing a small business, or a host of other invaluable services, one or more of the college centers are likely able to provide the support services needed.

The college is proud of the contributions we make on the campus and with respect to the partnerships we have and continue to forge with our North State neighbors. Our centers are unique partners to this end, providing a nexus by which service to the community, application of scholarly knowledge, and real-world experience for our students come together.

I am pleased that we have so many thriving and vital centers in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Valuable members of the college family, each and every BSS center instantiate core values of the college creating reciprocal opportunities that enhance student learning, faculty scholarship, and community well-being. I encourage you to find out more about our centers and take advantage of the opportunities they can provide.

Please select one of our seven centers for more information on how the college can assist you.