College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Strategic Goals

Promote student success

Increase graduation rates while maintaining program excellence

Eliminate the achievement gap for underrepresented minorities

Encourage, support and grow internships and service-learning opportunities

Maintain and develop innovative and high-quality learning experiences that provide skilled graduates to our North State service region, the State of California, and beyond

Build and maintain the accreditation status for all current and potential academically accredited programs

Encourage, support and grow high-impact learning practices and opportunities

Utilize assessment to measure student learning and make evidence-based programmatic changes

Maintain, develop and grow community service and research partnerships that enhance student learning and community involvement

Build upon and grow our community partnerships with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other entities to enhance student learning

Conduct research and outreach that benefits our North State service region, the State of California, and beyond

Facilitate innovative approaches that streamline student progress toward graduation

Offer and staff courses to meet requirements for graduation

Serve our student population by providing effective mentoring, tutoring, and related services

Implement two- and four-year advising plans to assure timely graduation rates

Promote excellence in faculty teaching, research, and service

Promote the teacher-scholar model

Support faculty professional development and travel

Enhance opportunities for collaboration and teamwork among College personnel

Maintain and develop new tenure/tenure-track faculty positions that reflect changes in the field

Promote excellence in staff development

Maintain and develop new staff positions appropriate to program size and function

Support staff professional development

Recognize outstanding staff contributions

Maintain, promote, and support inclusivity

Be proactive in recruiting, employing, and enrolling diverse faculty, staff, and students

Support and develop learning environments where inclusivity is taught and respected

Develop strategies to optimize resources

Provide incentives to encourage grant and contract development

Utilize BSS Advancement and department events to communicate with alumni and donors

Enhance the affinity for volunteers / alumni / donors through involvement in the BSS Advisory Board, departmental advisory and professional boards, projects, and activities where appropriate

Refine the college advancement plan