College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Nicole McAllister

Nicole had a rich and lucrative Chico State career. Starting with the campus's very own Community Action Volunteers in Education, or C.A.V.E., Nicole then went on to become a member and the Vice Chair of the Multicultural Affairs Council with the campus's Associated Students. Working as a representative for her fellow students made way for many new and exciting possibilities for Nicole as she was then elected to represent and advocate for the over 400,000 students in the California State University System as one of the Board of Directors along with 23 other students. Keeping herself as a voice for students, Nicole moved from being a member of the California State Student Association to being the Director of University Affairs here at Chico State once more with the Associated Students (A.S.). Then it was off to Washington, D.C: first with the Panetta Institute for Public Policy and then to continue working with Congressman Garamendi.

Nicole is currently still in Washington, D.C, working with Impact Justice as a Program Associate. Nicole graduated from Chico State in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Women's Studies, and Social Science with a focus on Multicultural and Gender Studies. "MCGS gave me so much more than an education," Nicole says, "the department gave me a community."

MCGS Nicole McAllister