College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Dana Muensterman

Social Science Outstanding Specialization Studies Award

Dana grew up in Bend, Oregon, surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and adventurous spirits. When she first arrived at Chico State University she thought she knew exactly what she wanted to do. To her surprise, she was introduced to a plethora of classes and subjects that were outside her initial scope of interest, such as sociology, psychology, women studies, and anthropology, which is now her absolute favorite. She was torn between what subject to major in, as she was deeply interested in them all. One of the best decisions of her college career was going into the student services building and discussing her options with a student advisor. During that time, the student advisor introduced her to the specialization studies option of Social Science, and she fell in love with it.

There is no better way to experience college than by taking classes that intrigue you. The most important thing that she has learned from this major is to follow what you are passionate about and then the rest will come. After she graduates in May, she plans to travel in Europe for two months and then in Southeast Asia for six months. She will continue to follow the path that excites her, and will urge everyone to do so as well.

SOSC Dana Muensterman