College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Department of Anthropology

                                        Congratulations Award Recipients 


                                                        Award Recipients

Laura Balsley
Outstanding Contribution in AnthropologyAnthropology Student Laura Balsley

"Stay Curious."

Sara Carmody
Outstanding Research Project in AnthropologyAnth Student Sara Carmody

"Bee kind. Bee safe. Bee happy. 🐝 "

Tanner Hansen
Anthropology Outstanding Student Award anth-tanner-hansen
Summa Cum Laude

"To my family that loves and supports me, and to my teachers who gave me opportunities that changed my life, I am so grateful for you."

Genevieve Hillery
Outstanding Contribution in AnthropologyAnthropology Student Genevieve Hillery
Briana Kohler
Outstanding Contribution in AnthropologyAnthropology Student Briana Kohler

"Don't waste your hate rather gather and create... you can do this you've got purpose.. find your medicine and use it" -Nahko

Bonnie Lloyd
Magna Cum LaudeNicole McAllister giving a speech

"I Am; I Was. I Want to Be.” -Joe Hill

Kellianne Long
Outstanding Research Project in AnthropologyAnthropology Student Kellianne Long
Honors in General Education

"Thank you to all of my family and friends who have helped me thrive during my years at Chico."

Yadira Munoz
Cum Laude
Danielle Strahl
Honors in General Education Nicole McAllister giving a speech

"I want to thank my professors here at Chico State, you have no idea how much you are appreciated! I also want to thank my family and friends, I would not be where I am without you!"

Christopher Villerot
Magna Cum LaudeAnthropology Student Chris Villerot

"Whatever you do, give it your all. You can do anything you set your mind to."