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BA in Psychology

Program Highlights

First-time Student, Psychology Major, Four-Year Graduation Rate

Beginning Year of CohortNumber of Students Graduating% of Students Graduating

Transfer Student, Psychology Major, Two-Year Graduation Rate

Beginning Year of CohortNumber of Students Graduating% of Students Graduating

Excellence in Research Awards

32nd Annual Student Research Competition Top Presenters, 2018
Emily Treat, Martin van den Berg faculty mentor
Kristin Vierra, Linda Kline faculty mentor
31st Annual Student Research Competition Top Presenters, 2017
Kevin Click, Leesa Huang faculty mentor
Jordan Kay Ruth Tacket, Theodore S. Bell faculty mentor
30th Annual Student Research Competition Top Presenters, 2016
Anna N. Bartel, Neil Schwartz faculty mentor

Recent Internship Placements

  • ARC of Butte County
  • Autism Clinic
  • Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley (Butte & Glenn County)
  • Chico Community Children's Center
  • Chico Junior High
  • Innovative Preschool
  • Marsh Junior High
  • Iversen Center
  • Peg Taylor Center for Adult Day Health Care
  • Shalom Free Clinic
  • Brain & Injury Coalition
  • Esplande House
  • Torres Shelter
  • Umatter Chico State
  • Chico Peace & Justice Center
  • Habitat for Humanity of Butte County
  • Stonewall Alliance Center
  • Alternatives to Violence Project
  • Joe McGie Center
  • Catalyst DV Services
  • Rape Crisis Intervention
  • Barry Kirshner Wild Life Sanctuary & Educational Center
  • Butte Humane Society
  • Handi-Riders

The Psychology Honors Program

2016-17 Honors Students

2016-17 Psychology Honors Students

The research projects of these students:

Jessie Arcado
What Role Do You Play in the Quality of Your Romantic Relationships? The Effects of Attachment Style, Self-Esteem, and Self Concept Clarity on Relationship Satisfaction

Jesse Downnard
Do protective factors moderate the impact of adverse childhood experiences on adult well-being?

Kyle Falconer
Do you rise to the challenge? Investigating whether beliefs about intelligence predict reactions to failure

Julia Ferré
Proposition 64 and Marijuana: Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Hypothetical Consumption Among College Students

Gustavo Martir
Exploring the Relationship Between Adult Attachment Styles and Hypothetical Condom Use

Megan McIntyre
Effects of Crime Funding Awareness on Hypothetical Marijuana Purchasing

Shaina Rosenblum
A Closer Look at Why College Students Drink Energy Drinks: Risk Attitude or Mental Fatigue?

Will Smith-Peters
Comparing Attitudes toward Sexual Orientation: How does Religiosity Affect the Dissociation between Implicit and Explicit Attitudes?

Emily Treat
Does size really matter? Influence of inaccurate perceptions of body size on eating attitudes

Celeste Torres-Luis
What Makes an Individual Prosocial? The Effects of Self-Efficacy and Social Support on Prosocial Behaviors

Kristin Vierra
The Feminist Identity Development of Young Girls: A Comparison Between Girl Scouts and Boys and Girls Club Members

Nathan Wills
The effects of moral reasoning and religiosity on perceptions of atheists.

2015-16 Honors Students

2015-16 Psychology Honors Students

The research projects of these students:

Tré Bevacqua
What you see is what you get, or is it? Can individuals accurately predict personality from “thin slice” information?

Gabriela Cedré
Does greater executive function enhance cognitive reappraisal rates?

Kevin Click
Harnessing inner strengths of at-risk university students: Relationships between well-being, academic achievement and academic attainment

Joshua Cronin
Flourishing hometowns and thriving persons: Understanding the relationships between hometown characteristics and well-being

Sienna Forest
The consent concept: The relationship between sex education curriculum, acceptance of sexual violence and cognizance of consent

Matthew Garrison
The individuation game: An observation of generational differences in the Turing test

Karen Mendieta
Highs and lows of perfectionism: Exploring the relationship between perfectionism and emotional variability

Matthew Schachter
Feeling the blues or jumping for joy?  Examining the emotional expressivity of oneself and others

Kaitlend Smith
Looking into a flexible mirror: Understanding the relationship between implicit theory of intelligence, eating practices and locus of control

Alexander Stock
Truth is in the eye of the beholder: Investigating truthiness as a function of source trustworthiness and semantically-related photographs

Cory Tondreau
Eyecoding: Can eye-closure enhance encoding?

Melodie Watkins
Can negative emotions have a positive connection to relationship satisfaction?

2014-15 Honors Students

2014-15 Psychology Honors Students

The research projects of these students:

Gemma Bernes
Academic success, stress mindset and grit: Are there differences between students with and without learning disabilities?

Christina Edwards
What does family mean to you?  Working on a definition: Exploring attitudes toward marriage and family

Julie Erazo
The relationship between personality and coping with college stress

Daniel Fridley
Learned meaningfulness and learned helplessness: The relationship between meaning in life and task perseverance

Debbie Friedrichsen
The relationship between perfectionism and social comparison: Is perfectionism a risk factor for negative social comparison on Facebook?

Nicole Gager
Stress is in the eye of the beholder: Can priming influence the way we perceive stressful situations?

Summer Hannon
Friend or phone? A comparison of communication preference and its relation to rejection sensitivity among college adults

Travis Lull
A qualitative study of musical preference and social networks

Cameron McCallister
Mindfulness and its acute effect on impulsive decision making

Brooke Piercy
Beer pressure: the relationship between social desirability and expected emotions when under the influence of alcohol

Matthew Reynolds
How do you take a compliment? The effect of ego threat priming and ego boost priming on narcissistic responses

Summer Smith
Facebook at face value: Do alterations in romantic perceptions affect perceived jealousy?

Outstanding Faculty

Maria Kornbluh
Maria Kornbluh
Terry Miller-Herringer
Terry Miller-Herringer