College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

BA in Social Science

Curriculum Matrix

SOSC Matrix 1
Student Learning OutcomesSOSC 210SOSC 300SOSC 301SOSC 302SOSC 303SOSC 489SOSC 495SOSC 510SOSC 511SOSC 560
1. Written CommunicationPP PP P/MMMP/M
2. Oral CommunicationPPPPP MMP/MP/M
3. Quantitative ReasoningP/M P   MP/M  
4. Diversity IPP/MP/M  P/MP/M 
5. Information LiteracyI II PPPPP
6. Critical Thinking P/MPPPPMP/MP/MM

"I" - Introductory - Students are encountering instruction on the SLO.

"P" - Practice - The course offers opportunities for students to "practice" the skill or apply the skill/knowledge.

"M" - Mastery - Does not imply that the student is an expert. It would be used to identify when it would be expected that the student performance is at the desired level we would like to see in a college graduate.